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In Season

In Season

A wayfarer is one who lives on the way and these hands on workshops are designed to help us rediscover our human instinct for self reliance and innovation, to sharpen our senses  and minds in order to better navigate our Ways through uncertain and complex times.

The series are not intended as a guide on “how to survive an apocalypse”, but rather a reconnection with the lost arts of finding our way, using and working with the FIVE ELEMENTS OF THE UNIVERSE according to Asian philosophy:  water, fire, earth, wood, and metal and culminating with: people. We will provide also provide tools and resources to leverage the power of our selves.

Each workshop is limited (advance registration required as we have to purchase materials in advance:  email jade@meadowsandmore.com) and will be held on a Saturday at 11:30 am beginning with refreshments. Details will be posted in the events section of the website:

  1. The nature of water :February 24 
  2. The nature of Fire: making your own fire, managing fire, cooking with fire: April 24, Guest: Argentinian chef Noberto Piattoni “Negro
  3. Metal: Making Tools from Trash and a solar cooker: craftswoman and local artist Mayfield Williams: June
  4. Earth: reading the landscape, foraging plants and cooking deliciously: August
  5. Wood: Forests, Trees and Fungi: October
  6. People : Conflicts, health and Building a community network


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