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In Season

In Season

It doesnt rain any more, it just pours. And we dont just ease into summer. Last Wednesday went from 45 degrees to 90 by the end of the day. Which just seemed to invigorate the lambsquarters disguised as weeds in my vegetable-less patch. Lambsquarters are also known as fat hen, goosefoot (after the leaf shape) and has been touted by many (including Michael Pollan) as being extremely nutritious.  Leave some lining your garden or farm fields and you can pluck the tops and leaves all summer. Cooking transforms the flavor from “leaf with a powdery film” to  nutty and smooth….a great delicious vegetable. PS. This is an unplanted raised garden bed made from a kit.  You can also find yellow wood sorrel and pineapple weed peeking out from the sides.





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