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Wild Farm

Wild Farm

Our Vision.

A sustainable Wild Farm needs no irrigation, no fertilizers, no aeration or soil amendments and no GMO-herbicide cycle with implicit economic benefit. A wild farm features specialty indigenous plants  that are carefully propagated and placed in the landscapes where they would ordinarily grow. Light management of these “crops” affords us the ability to make wild plants available to a larger audience and at the same time enhancing soil quality and biodiversity.

The Mission of the Wild Farm.

Products: Wild farm features, through our retail and wholesale distributors, some of our favorite “top ten” high quality wild plants hand harvested at peak season. Many of them are featured in Foraged Flavor, our James Beard nominated cookbook.

Services: Wild farm provides consultations to landowners, conservation groups, and organic farms on restoring natural landscapes, sustainable farming as well as opportunities to grow and work with us to provide wild farm product to our customers. If you are interested please contact us for opportunities.

For availability lists please contact our Distributors. If you don’t see something on the list that you are looking for ask, or contact us directly.


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Brick Farm Market, Hopewell NJ