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Our Vision.

We believe that wild plants, and their connection with environment, food and health, are part of our future.


Innovation through continuous learning. The Field is our office.  We work with a limited number of passionate collaborators  in a sensory exploration of the look, feel and taste of wild plants. We carefully harvest the plants on a customized basis specifically for size of plate, type of cuisine and purpose. For chefs, consider us your “personal forager” which includes weekly personalized delivery, ongoing educational dialogue as well as field opportunities and media coverage. These collaborations do require from our partners a commitment, weekly minimum orders as well as an insatiable curiosity.

Spreading the word and passing on the knowledge: through lectures, workshops and events: depending on size of audience, location and scope. During the year we also offer a limited number of nominally priced classes to the public through our collaborators, posted on the website. We also accept applications for internships and apprenticeships as a great way to learn on the job.

For speaking engagements only please contact Wade Lucas at Random House Speakers Bureau: walucas@randomhouse.com