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In Season

In Season

The birds are all over the winter seedheads in our meadow and prefer the seeds to anything we put in the bird feeder. But if you are thinking ahead of plans for spring, here are a couple of ideas you might want to consider:

1) set aside a place in your back yard or even in your garden, that you will give back to nature. this means no spraying, synthetic mulching or fertilizing. it could be a place that you think of as a “problem area” , i.e. it is too wet, too dry, too shady. Let it be and ┬ásee what comes up

2) get off the landscape maintenance autopilot, save money and delay mowing your lawn until memorial day or until the grass starts to form seeds. check out what natural plants besides grass grow there

3) check out what you “weed” in your garden beds before you pull them. they could be enticingly beautiful if you give them a chance

4) consider a native edible tree or two to grace your back yard




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