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In Season

In Season

September 22, 2011 New Jersey Audubon held a Foraging Banquet tonight at Restaurant Daniel. The theme was “Innovative Conservation Meets Culinary Excellence” to literally demonstrate the connection between great food and wild environments. And to reinforce that the work of many in conservation and farms outside of New York helps preserve the landscape that enables those in the city to enjoy good water and great food for restaurants, grocers and markets. The 90 person sold out banquet menu was custom created by Eddy Leroux with a range of sustainably foraged finds from Audubon properties and projects, including:

  • Oysters with Artemesia Gelee
  • Foie Gras Terrine with Spice bush Berries, Wild beach Plum, Daikon and Nasturtium
  • Grilled Wild King Salmon with American Sumac Roasted Black mission Figs, Fennel
  • Royale and Syrah Sauce
  • Wild Huckleberry Vacherin
  • Wild Mountain Mint Pate de Fruits


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