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News & Events


Unpredictable shifts in weather, sudden storms, winds, tempests, very rainy and humid in the mid-Atlantic

Food: back to local, environmental, plant-based, plant forward

Our focus: what plants thrive in the next decade and for the future. how can we pivot/be nimble to tackle consumer changing tastes, natures changing behavior, and challenges of invasive plants,  loss of diversity, more chemical applications and fewer people, time and resources

January 18 11 am

“Productive forest stewardship”, presentation at Duke Farms NJ Annual meeting of NJ woodland Stewards, followed by Kieran Hunt on Winter Tree ID. open to NJ Woodland owners

Honey Brook Organic Farm CSA: 2020 collaboration. from their online newsletter


Of course we have to celebrate our anniversary with delicious and wholesome food! We’re pleased to be offering special Farm-to-Table supper events, as well as workshops, to celebrate this momentous milestone! We are delighted to announce a collaboration with our local forager: Tama Matsuoka Wong! Tama has been a CSA member for years and indeed several of you may have seen her roaming amongst the weeds in between the crop rows. She also discovered a new chenopodium species for NJ in our fields and now catalogued by Dr Lena Struwe at the Chrysler Herbarium at Rutgers.   This season, we will be offering our members mini educational field walks led and supervised by Tama during the season for those who are interested in learning more about the wild plants on the farm, gathering them and learning how to prepare and incorporate them in your meals. We will provide more details about signups in the upcoming months.


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