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News & Events

The Nature of WATER
Date: Saturday February 24 11:30
People cannot live for more than three days without clean water.
Yet most of the time we just turn on a faucet assuming that clean fresh water will be readily available on demand.
Learn though doing and Reconnect with water in nature.¬† Tap in to water’s everchanging nature, how to find it, render it safe to drink, seeing how water can be captured and stored. Learn how plants store water and, in season how to identiy trees in order to tap your own tree for pure healthy water. Discover how water affects the flavor of tea and drinks and make your own dishes under the tutelage of Guest Chef and expert kombucha maker, Rebecca Eichenbaum of Brooklyn NY, formerly head pastry chef of cider bar Wassail and Michelin starred Restaurant Agern.
Workshop price $115 plus materials fee of $55
preregistration and advance payment required, limited to ten persons
Place: Meadows and More grounds, Flemington NJ
End: take home your own tree water,  water purifier, tree tapping kit and other resources.
Contact jade@meadowsandmore.com to sign up. Registration is limited.


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