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In Season

In Season

Things are hot and bone dry in much of the US! But two pieces of good news this week:

(1) my daughters’ school retention basin that I seeded last year is kicking in and apparently drought resistant! After foraging out some early spring “weeds” of deadnettle and wild mustards,  a sea of erigeron , yellow white and green emerged and is now giving way to brilliant yellow swathes of black eyed susan with the lavender bergamot just waiting in the wings for their turn to bloom. The summer camp kids are loving their strolls through the meadow paths where they enjoy sharing the wild plants with the honeybees and butterflies… No watering necessary…..


(2) weeds galore. crops are struggling but the weeds are happy and my neighbors are calling me to come over before they roundup everything in frustration! Just made my day to find a paradise of purslane, yellow wood sorrel, amaranth, lambsquarters and gallant soldiers crowding out the parsley and zucchini in their 10×10 vegetable garden patch. We pick all we can and an extra bag for their dinner: ground beef polenta and gallant soldiers from Foraged Flavor!


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