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Winter wellness 

FUNGI “Are mushrooms the Future of Wellness? Long Thought to have medicinal benefits, fungi, including reishi, lions mane and chaga are gaining popularity in the wellness world” NY Times September 2020 We have foraged and double extract tinctured the “top three” mushrooms: reishi (from hemlock forests), chaga (birch stands) and turkey tail (fallen logs) . Long appreciated in Asia health benefits of mushrooms are now also supported by a growing body of peer-reviewed studies suggest. Our mushroom tinctures closely follow these lab protocols as the best methods for extraction of the benefits, with only a five drops daily for several weeks Please consult your health practitioner as to your individual needs and best dosage. We also offer the mushrooms whole if you prefer. 

SUMAC tea or spice (yes the “weedy” tree and NOT poison sumac or the crop known as weed) is extremely high in polyphenols, antioxidants and 

CEDAR WOOD For your  firepits and fireplaces,  wild harvested local firestarter bundles.

Be well. 

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Wild cedar Firestarters

$16 for pack of 3 brown paper wrapped bundles (shipping included). contents: juniperus virginiana

Firestarters for firepit and fireplace gatherings. Mini-kiln dried.

Just place one paper-wrapped bundle to start your fire: no glue, wax or chemical additives.

Dimensions of one firestarter: approx: 16 inches x 3 inch

The wood of the eastern red cedar has long been used by native americans for a hot flame and we continue this American tradition.

Wild Huckleberry and Elderberry vinegar/shrubs

$13 for one $25 for two 8.5oz. bottles (shipping included east of the mississippi)

Made by our forager gal pal Connie Green on the west coast, your choice of either wild huckleberry and wild elderberry . Instead of the more common elderberry syrup for immune health, the shrub has no sugar and its also great with a splash of olive oil as a salad vinaigrette. Of course, enjoyable as a traditional shrub, mixed with seltzer or in a cocktail. Good Food award recipient!

Since this is in a glass bottle, Shipping costs may increase if you are outside the east coast. email me at meadowsandmore@gmail.com

Wild Reishi Tincture

$30 for 2oz. bottle (Shipping included)

Ganoderma reishi mushroom we harvested locally and then applied lab tested protocols for concentrated double extraction acqueous in filtered spring water and organic ethanol. Flavor is a deep mushroom but not bitter. We are taking 5 drops daily for 12 weeks so one bottle will last us all winter.

Chaga Tincture

$30 for 2oz. bottle (Shipping included)

Chaga we harvested wild from local birch forest. Chaga is faintly sweet and not very mushroomy. Double extraction process.

Turkey Tail Tincture

$3 for 2oz. bottle (Shipping included)

Harvested locally and utilized double extraction process. Flavor is lighter and mildly mushroomy.

Holiday Wellness Bundle

$75 for 3 bottles, 2oz. each. (Shipping included)

A discounted bundle of Reishi, Turkey Tail, and Chaga Tinctures, perfect for a holiday gift. holiday orders include complimentary bottle of eucalyptus blend essential oil.

Wild Reishi Mushrooms

$25 for 8 oz. ($15 + $10 USPS mail)

available in whole form

Reishi (lingzhi) mushroom, a Chinese medicinal tea for centuries, known as “the immortal mushroom” and attracting new interest today in peer reviewed science for immune support, anti-tumor and other health benefits Reishi supplements are widely available in Asia but the reishi are cultivated from mostly rice bran substrate as opposed to wild foraged growing from a tree (Note: the northeastern ganoderma species is found on hemlock trees (tsugae) and has been found to exhibit similar properties to lucidum (origin China).

Dried Chaga

$18 for 4oz.

Can shave like a truffle and makes a mild, slightly sweet tea

Visit this New York Times article for more on the benefits of mushrooms: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/09/18/t-magazine/mushrooms-wellness.html

Shiitake Mushroom Log

$20 (pick-up and local delivery only)

Grow-your-own shiitake mushroom log. Instructions provided, the logs are ground oak sawdust that are inoculated with spore. A great gift that can last a month with several “flushes.”

Delivery in Hunterdon and Mercer county. Pick up otherwise.

Dried Nettle (for tea)

$8 for Nettle tea (+5 shipping)

American Sumac Spice

$9 per jar (Shipping included)

Sumac contains many antioxidants.