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Chefs Share Their Favorite “Mom” Memories with The Recipe Club

Posted by Allison Malec on May 9th, 2012

Our favorites chefs and authors recount their best memories with mom for Mother’s Day, whether in the kitchen or out. Happy Mother’s Day to all of the moms out there! We all wouldn’t be who we are without you.

“As I get older by the day, and become more of a grown up, and a leader, and a mom in my own milk bar mama way, I realize just how much I take after my kooky mother. She hugs everyone too tight. She is fearless. She is easily the hardest worker I know. She makes life happen. She gives spirit to every day. Life is what it is because of the way she lives it. Go Greta Go.”
– Christina Tosi, author of Momofuku Milk Bar

My mother loved to cook. we ate a lot of asian home cooking growing up and she could usually figure out how to substitute things which at that time were sometimes difficult to find in the supermarkets. One of the ways she could make sure to get produce she wanted it was to grow it in her vegetable garden.

All summer long I remember being outside with her while she was puttering around the garden. She always said she loved the feel of soil in her hands and then at the end of the day bringing things in the back door, their aromas mixing with the kitchen cooking smells of stir fry and garlic or ginger!

My mother also loved to gather wild food from around the garden. She couldn’t resist mulberry picking, dandelion greens and other things that I didn’t really remember the names of. She was very proud of her rose petal and blueberry sorbet. I never really thought about it too much until I went away to school and work and it was only when I came back to New Jersey and was cleaning out some of her things when they sold their house that I realized she had the same wild edible plant books that I have today, only the hardcover early editions, back in the day! So Ive really come back full circle to things my mother showed me, only she didn’t call it “foraging”.
– Tama Matsuoka-Wong, author of Foraged Flavor


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