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In Season

In Season

The humidity has finally settled down for us, we spent all day out on the porch enjoying the fine weather, hanging around with our friends the praying mantis’, hummingbirds and bumblebees. They are busy foraging the meadow which is in peak bloom now and that they need to build up their reserves for the winter. We are happy to provide forage for honeybees at our neighbors’ beehives for miles around. Below: one fat and happy praying mantis:

We also have been drying, preserving, and freezing the flavors of the season for the 2012 holidays and winter. Coming up: new foraging calendar and sumac drinks.

In addition to our previous post here on making wild jams and jellies at home, we found one of the best reuses for ┬áthose tall thin “asparagus pots” is to infuse wild fruits for jams and jellies.


The scarlet sumac juices ready for a syrup, coulis or jelly:


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