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In Season

In Season

Tuna with crispy rice, tempura aralia and creeping jenny

Everyone is talking about the weather being very strange this year. First we had such a warm winter with no snow and then it was ultra muddy and now….bone dry. Our creek and the Delaware river look like they are at August lows. My farmer friends are frantically trying to irrigate in April…and my gardener friends say that their peas wont germinate. But foraging has been a whirlwind . Flowers a month early…and cool season plants bolting up and going to seed. But although their timing is off, their flavors are still great.

Here are a couple of Eddy’s specials on the menu ┬ánow using aralia, creeping jenny and golden alexander, all sustainably foraged.


Soft shell crab (I saw Toto checking each one for perfection the other day when they came in) and golden alexander



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