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In Season

In Season

Showcasing 12 and more foraged finds in the packed banquet room Audubon’s guests enjoyed a custom menu showcasing 12 seasonal foraged finds, ranging from invasives to weeds to generalist native species. Each dish was unique, off the menu and delicious. Hearty but not heavy. Some of our favorites of Chef Eddy’s magical creations included:

Canape: Duck Foie Gras Terrine with Glazed and Pickled Spicebush berries. pairing the smoothness of the mini square of foie with the clove and orange spicebush flavor in a marmalade glaze and yet again in a confit type softened berry:


Yellow wood sorrel and salmon tartare. The crunchiness was crunchy tapioca! Passionflowers underfoot.


And poached baby abalone with Vodka and Artemesia Beurre Blanc. Yes, artemesia….mugwort…yomogi…as the cold weather approaches, back in season

These and more canapes were followed by wild mint, cucumber gazpacho and peekytoe crab; Galinsoga (profiled two ways) with cantimpalo crusted Swordfish, Fricasee of Jersey Corn and Potato Gnocchi, Clay Pepper Sauce; Queen Anne’s Lace with Duo of Beef and Wild Sumac; Black Mission Figs Clafoutis and Wild Blackberry Frozen Parfait, Beach Plum Pate de Fruits, Nova Scotia Wild Rose Marshmallows, Toasted Foxtail Seeds on Chocolate….


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