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In Season

In Season

Recently I seem to be hearing alot (Mark Bittman, Michael Pollan, farming conferences and even today in  a corporate cafeteria) about  “plant-based diets”. There doesn’t seem to be a consensus on what this diet means and could mean:

(1) absolutely no food from an animal source

(2) reducing meat as a percentage of diet and eating more plant foods

(3) ancestral (paleo, Martin Wise) diets founded on meat and wild plants but little to no grains

What they do seem to agree on is:  eating less processed foods and more plants that are as close to nature as possible is healthier and what humans have evolved to eat. Here is the slide show from the cafeteria, quoting Hippocrates, Einstein, Darwin and the Cleveland Clinic….

Our own family eats just about everything in moderation, but avoid processed and fast foods, and we cook many different types of dishes at home…






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