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In Season

In Season

Last week on one of the most beautiful late summer days, I was out in Larry’s pickup truck and passed by our neighbors place that is now empty and vacant since they moved. There was a crew and a bunch of tractors felling trees. It looked like the new owners had decided to clear out one of the old hedgerows between the house and the field. Larry, ever curious, stopped and started to talk to some of the guys. And of course I couldnt help but see that many of the fine native trees they felled were in full fruit. I was determined not to waste and phoned over to the new owner who was more than happy to part with the debris that was eastern red cedar (Juniperus virginiana) and blackhaw viburnum. I will give some of the seeds to American Native Nursery as well as the MidAtlantic Seedbank so they can continue to propogate new trees.

Here is alink to a great recipe for juniper granita.


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