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Contact & Resources

Contact & Resources

Contact Us

To contact us please email us here  or through the website plant forum, facebook or @meadowsandmore on instagram or twitter. To inquire about lectures, workshops and events please contact Tama through her agent Wade Lucas walucas@randomhouse.com at the Random House Speakers Bureau

Career Opportunities

As the premier ecologically responsible wild food company, we adhere to a cutting edge model for sustainable wild farming and stewardship of wild landscapes, working closely with conservation groups, family owned organic farms and other partners. Our brand is nationally recognized and we have an outstanding roster of chef clients, who deeply support what we do.

We are always looking for dedicated, hard working people who enjoy being outdoors in the field.

We can offer a diverse job experience in an exciting range of different landscapes in the Mid-Atlantic area and beyond.

We have openings for seasonal hourly positions, the exact hours per day will vary depending on weather conditions as well as workload needs.

We are able to work around other regular commitments you may have but, as with most farm operations, we are not the right place if you are seeking a 9-5 TGIF office schedule.

Working with nature is by necessity a fast paced, diverse work environment where reliability, attention to detail and productivity are important.

As a fast growing start up company, there are numerous opportunities for development and increasing responsibilities for self-starters.  We work on numerous properties in New Jersey as well as Pennsylvania where there is opportunity to develop to become the Lead Manager for stewarding a property as well as travel to out of state locations


Mandatory: every single member of the team must forage in the field. We believe in the empowerment of “manual” labor and a cohesive team built around collaboration, respect and without a rigid hierarchy of duties. And ,of course, since we are small, all hands on deck is required at times, when every team member needs to “pitch in”, such as harvest before a storm or process and packing an unusually large delivery. We get excited about turning weeds into jewel like delicacies.

Other responsibilities, depending on experience and position, include:

Field management and monitoring (including planting, mowing and maintenance)

Scouting for plants and growth stage of plants

The ability to drive our van and deliver to chefs and other clients in the NYC area


We recommend planting a number of wild edible plants and will provide updates on seasonal plant sales on our blog. If you can’t find the wild plant featured in the book at your local nursery…

Prairie Moon Nursery (particularly for the midwest states)


Pawpaw trees for fruit


What is an invasive plant

National arboretum

Database of 7000 edible plants

UK non-profit Plants for A Future

Natural Landscaping

Other sources for those interested in “natural landscaping.”

Municipal Rules

See the EPA website for sample regulations on permitting native meadows and not only lawns.