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In Season

In Season

I read the entire book on the airplane ride back from Copenhagen (MAD Food Camp hosted by Renee Redzepi). It is a fascinating historical look and tribute to challenging the way we look at weeds from Britain’s famous nature writer and forager: Richard Mabey.

“We have no choice, if we are to survive as a species, to deal with the ‘troubling’ of weeds. But we cant ignore their beauty either, or their exuberance, or the fact that they are the prototypes of most of the plants that keep us alive. What we ignore, more perilously, is the fact that many of them may be holding the bruised parts of the planet from falling apart.” P. 20

I was hoping as part of my personal quest that he would have more information on two specific “weed” plants that are chapter titles in his book: self heal (which is all over NOW on the edges of my lawn) and relished by Japanese foragers and gallant soldiers (in Foraged Flavor with two recipes) .

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Weeds: In Defense of Nature's Most Unloved Plants


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